Posted 1 day ago

This is such an unflattering angle for my face……such a paparazzi type picture.

Posted 3 days ago

How i greet mom when she comes home from work. Complete with grunting and hitting her in the face with any and all paws! I loves her

Posted 4 days ago

Did you say something mom?

Posted 1 week ago

Please mom may i have some food??????

Posted 1 week ago

So glad when mom comes home from work! Cuddle time on the couch!

Posted 1 week ago

Really had a blast at the dog park! Apparently i am an odd corgi because i dont care about staying close to mom unless im tired. Thanks to emma and maple and their moms for hanging out with me and mom!

Posted 1 week ago

Preparing myself for my corg date tomorrow with queen of the mudfeets herself miss Emma!

Now off to wash my bandanas and choose the right one!

Posted 2 weeks ago

What are these orbs of light?!?!?!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Being a puppy is hard work

Posted 3 weeks ago

Just watching the blind side with my sister kahlua.