Posted 21 hours ago

Oh kong…how I love you

Posted 1 day ago

Keeping an eye on the neighbors…..his name is chuck….the woodchuck

Posted 2 days ago

The aliens are upon us!!!! Protect your mind with a helmet! Where is my tin foil….

Posted 3 days ago


"I might not be a Collie, but when I grow up, I want to be the next Reveille at Texas A&M University! Gig Em Waggies! A-Whoof!"

Cutest picture ever! A fellow aggie corg! Whoop!

Posted 3 days ago

What’s up????

Posted 3 days ago

Dont look at me….

Posted 5 days ago

Crazy tongue!

Posted 1 week ago

So today while in my crate I saw my toy outside and I wanted to play. I managed to get the body and the neck through but not the head so I got frustrated and killed him.

R.i.p. lion braid: you lived a fairly long toy life. In your new life may you be made into a kong toy…..and become indestructible.

What mom said when she got home “how did you manage that….and this is why I dont get you nice things”

Posted 1 week ago

Today we got our sample mini petbox! I got some cool things and mom says she may think about getting me a full size one with toys in it hopefully. Got 2 bags of sample food, 2 types of dental chews, a rawhide chew which I thoroughly enjoyed and some antibiotic spray in case I cut myself.
Kahlua enjoyed her petbox as well….she took it very literally though….cats are weird.

Posted 1 week ago

Enjoying my monday